Getting Started with ESG Enterprise

Getting started in ESG Enterprise #

  1. To access ESG Enterprise, you will need a valid account to access the application. To create a new account, please register your non-public email on this page. Please be reminded that we do not accept Gmail or Yahoo mail or any other public email. Here is the link to our registration page. Link
  1. You will receive a registration email with your username, password and link to our application login page.
  2. To access ESG Enterprise, please go to this login page and enter your username and password.
  1. On the same page, you have the option to reset password if you choose to.

Quick Introduction of ESG Solutions #

New Subscriber Questionnaire #

New subscribers will start with a Quick Start Assistant questionnaire to help understand their current ESG practices. The information is used by the system to help improve on user experiences. All information entered are not visible to other subscribers.

Internal ESG Assessments #

Based on the subscribers information, the system will provide free internal assessments based on ESG Enterprise rating methodology. The rating will be regularly assessed for continuous ESG performance monitoring. The assessment is private and not visible to other subscribers.

ESG Rating Methodology #

ESG Enterprise adopts industry standard assessment methodology and here is the link to the document. Link.

API technical documentation

API Data Services #

One of the popular ESG Enterprise services is the API services that provide 3rd party systems the ability to retrieve ESG Enterprise data using REST API. The limit of the daily API retrieval is based on subscriber level. For free account, the daily limit is 50 per day.

To use the API, subscribers need to generate their own unique security token to be used a API calling URL parameter.

To generate the security token, subscribers will press the Generate button and system email send with instructions and security token. The security token is strictly unique to the subscriber and should not be shared with other users.

To use the API, here are the API technical documentation. Link

ESG Reporting #

ESG reporting module provides subscribers an automated process of ESG reporting based on major ESG frameworks – GRI, SASB, TCFD, SFDR and other custom frameworks.

The ESG reporting modules follows industry standard process flows as follows:

  1. Basic company profile

2. Choose frameworks

3. Materiality assessments

4. Select reporting KPIs

5. Create questionnaire

6. Data collections

7. Action plans

TCFD Reporting & Scenario Analysis #

ESG Enterprise provides TCFD reporting and scenario analysis to help subscribers articulate climate risks and opportunities in the simplified process using industry standard weather data and modeling.

Energy Risks Management #

ESG Enterprise provides a comprehensive carbon offsets to hedge against GHG scope 1, 2, 3 emissions. The tool provides a seamless process to capture carbon footprints into GHG scope 1, 2, 3 and a simulator to predict potential net-zero scenario using carbon offsets.

ESG Rating Searches

Subscribers have access to over 40,000 companies ESG rating with a search panel. ESG ratings can be searched by country, industry and individual company name.

The ESG ratings are comprehensive with E/S/G & total scores with historical trends and comparison with peers and industry. The assessments are updated every 10 days.

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