Green city planning in 2022

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Green city planning in 2022

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As many cities get more developed into urban areas there is an increase in industrialization and in the population.  This calls for efforts by city planners to attain sustainability in the environment as urbanization is liable to cause changes which are detrimental. This includes an increase in the number of gas emissions from Industries and also more dumpsites and landfills. It is clear as daylight that strategies need to be incorporated into green city planning to ensure that cities are sustainable and safe. Let’s take a look at what 2022 holds for green city planning.

How does green city planning work?

The green city planning is a collection of initiatives and strategies put in place to ensure that the city scopes are able to provide cleaner air and also preserve the water and soil to ensure biodiversity. The impacts of sustainable urban planning also span across matters of health, agriculture, and climate protection. A number of cities are at the forefront and blazing the trail of establishing sustainable cities by employing most recent research and development in urban city designs.

A green city like Abu Dhabi has been tagged one of the most sustainable cities globally because of its efforts in urban management and the optimization of technology to develop a sustainable city. Abu Dhabi initiated the planning of Masdar city which included components such as

  •  limitations and reduction in the height of building constructions
  •  Provision of  a quality ecosystem in a smart way
  •  Reduction in the use of transportation by providing safe walk paths

The Masdar City focuses on an effort to minimize the energy consumed in the environment through strategic architectural designs and solar power use. With this there is an appreciable reduction in the use of energy and generation of waste products.

Dubai’s efforts in making the city a smart and sustainable one is centered around a strategy that incorporates  six key sectors which include communication, economic urban planning, electricity, infrastructure, and transportation.  The initiatives in these sectors fall under the provision of easy access to optimization of energy resources, smart parks and beaches and also smart transport system. Dubai has also set a precedent by successfully attaining a 31% reduction in consumption through its Silicon Park project.

Other Green City trends to be incorporated in green cities this year includes

  • Cost efficient public transportation which is targeted at reduction  of  number of cars on road thereby reducing gas emissions
  • Increase in walk and bike- friendly roads, establishment of bike paths to reduce energy consumption. A good example of this is seen in Denmark
  • Investment in  the use of renewable energy such as solar systems which  poses lesser risk to the climate
  • The prevalence of green buildings which involves addressing energy consumption through the use of natural building materials bettas insulation and ventilation with the incorporation of solar panels
  • Enhanced water conservation through the use of green infrastructure to create clean water sources in replacement of water plants which consume lots of energy.
  • Better waste management plan in incorporating  of recycling  and  all of the energy recovery solutions that would help to promote sustainability

More and more countries in the world are beginning to appreciate the importance green city by incorporating green solutions in city planning. Recently the European parliament proposed the year 2022 to be the European year of greener cities as climate changes continue to threaten environmental safety. There is no better time for countries to make more commitment to the protection of the environment than now.

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