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Integrate ESG risk analytics data into financial research systems, websites, Excels, eCommerce, and inhouse risk systems with high performing REST API

01. For e-commerce, websites, Excel and Apps

02. Research Providers & Corporate Risk Systems

03. Secure & High Performance

ESG API & Data Integration Strategy

Use REST API to bring in ESG data and create higher values to your risk & climate systems, eCommerce,  websites and reporting.

Offers real-time ESG risk analytics data for over 40000 companies worldwide directly into enterprise risk systems, climate models, and websites directly with REST API

The ESG Enterprise data services API designed to provide Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk-related data and ratings to any authorized 3rd party systems.

The key advantages of REST APIs are to provide ease-of-use and flexibility. It is the preferred method and market standard to integrate data for the ESG data eco-system.

Stay ahead and reduce manual processes of uploading data by Excel. Data integration is seamless, save time, and reduce error and mistakes.

With the ESG API, many financial asset management firms, corporate risk systems, and websites assessing ESG data on-demand to provide faster and more accurate data to their customers.

To use the ESG Enterprise data services, all you have to do is to sign up for the free account and request an API token.

We turn data into digestible ESG analytics

ESG Enterprise data for deeper analysis and higher content value.

What can ESG data API do for companies?

Access over 40000 ESG company data updated every day




Organizations Connecting Everyday


API Calls Everyday


Access over 40000 companies ESG data world wide


ESG data quality check and conform to UN SDG and SASB metrics

Data Points

Query by stock symbols, company names, industries and countries


Data updated and quality control checks every day


On-demand data provides internal applications & websites for ESG compliance, comparisons, save time and resources

Data Format

Support REST API with JSON data format over secure network


Powered by edge servers for better performance and speed


Super easy to sign-up and use API over browser or by scripts. All you need is to register and get security token for API connections.

API Documentation

You will get email on instructions after generating security tokens. Comprehensive API references.

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Our clients benefit from our integrated data API system to drive inhouse ESG data processing faster and more accurate than their peers in the financial and consumer eCommerce markets.


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10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

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