Standalone API Solutions: Build Entire ESG Solutions with API

Build own carbon accounting and ESG in-house apps

Comprehensive ESG focused API for technology developers to add sustainability and ESG as value-added solutions to existing in-house  ERP or IT systems

01. API for Carbon Accounting, Benchmarks, Reporting & Impact Investments

02. API to supports over 25+ ESG reporting frameworks & data collections

03. API ESG focused tools like utility bills scanning and much more

ESG-as-a-Service layers on top of your existing applications.

ESG-as-a-Service API library is a perfect tool for IT developers and organizations to integrate carbon accounting, sustainability and ESG solutions into their internal systems by layering ESG-as-a-Service API on top of existing applications.

Most companies don’t have GHG calculations expertise, climate or ESG data to complete their sustainability and ESG solutions in-house and have to resort to 3rd party solutions – SaaS or software. ESG-as-a-Service provides an attractive solution to bring fill in those gaps with our API library whether is it pull in data  or reporting or calculations.

Complete carbon accounting solutions with over 62,000 GHG, SOx, NOx emission factors and calculations to meet Scope 1, 2, 3 and air emissions reporting requirements.

Complete benchmarking and impact investment solutions with access to over 250,000 companies’ investment-grade ESG data. Thousands of ESG premium data include reported emissions, energy consumption, waste, and water usage. Also includes many social and governance data points.

Complete and automate end-to-end ESG reporting from GRI, SASB, ISSB, EU Taxonomy, Supplier Self-Assessments and more. The API includes unique data collections and report generation.

Sustainability and ESG special tools like utility bills scanning, mobile asset emission calculations, human rights records, and more.

Use API to gain real-time visibility of your carbon footprint and reporting without data privacy concerns

You are not alone. Hundreds of companies are already doing this. Many chose to use our ESG focused API for complex processing while keeping their data in house.

What if you can build an carbon accounting and ESG app in  minutes?

We provide code examples to show you how to build your own app in different programming languages even Excel macros.


API Library


ESG Reporting Frameworks


GHG Calculations & Factors


Secure, easy to integrate with internal data, no need to export sensitive data, less expensive


API covers all carbon, sustainability and ESG needs.

API Type



Swagger with online documentations and videos


Supported by our developers who built the API


Easy integration with your in-house SAP or ERP system without exporting any data


Powered by edge servers for better performance and speed


Super easy to sign-up and use API over browser or by scripts. All you need is to register and get security token for API connections.


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Our clients benefit from our new ESG-as-a-Service API library who chose to complete their carbon accounting, sustainability and ESG solutions in-house than adopt a SaaS or 3rd party software solutions.

The use cases are popular among technology savvy and large organizations with API-focused approach.

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Sustainability & Carbon Accounting API Library

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