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We are a team of ESG data scientists

Constantly processing terabytes of ESG database and thousands of companies to produce unbiased ratings with proven algorithms.

01. Over 60,000 data sources

02. Data Dashboard

03. Proven AI algorithms

ESG Data Solution

Using the power of artificial intelligence and big data to bring ESG analytics to the next level.

ESG and climate science are data-intensive systems that involved terabytes of data and decades of climate records. ESG Enterprise has developed and launched an advanced data solution for financial firms and companies.

The solution saves clients tedious work of processing terabytes of data by deciphering complex ESG and climate data into easily digestible information.

The solution is a SaaS-based web application that brings environmental, social, and governance (ESG) insights at portfolio, industry, and country levels to reveal risks, challenges, impacting trends for better investment decisions.

The data-driven solution also provides a 360-degree view of a company and supply chain ESG performance and key issues data – all in data visualization dashboard format.

The benefits of using a data-driven solution helps make better investment decisions and assets capital allocations by having clarity to ESG performance and market risks.

We turn millions of data points into digestible ESG analytics

Financial companies are using ESG Enterprise platform to screen and analyze private and public companies ESG profiles for investment decisions

What can ESG Big Data do for companies?

Access over 40000 company data with powerful data analytics and visualization for investment due diligence




Technology Companies


Data Sets

Data Set

Over 40000 companies ESG data span across 100 countries


World-class Big Data visualization tool to digest complex ESG data

Data Points

Slice and dice ESG and risk data by sectors, countries and many dimensions


Updated and quality checks regularly


Make complex ESG data digestible for financial and thematic investing decisions. Make informed decision with supporting risk data.


Cloud-based data dashboard to help better understand ESG, risk profiles and impacts

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We are innovators with deep industry and subject matter expertise with a passion for solving our clients’ complex ESG challenges across their organization.

ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance software, SaaS and data analytics company designed to help businesses, NGOs and governments reduce ESG risks, manage disruptions, and capture opportunities in the transition to sustainable-growth , low-carbon economy.


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10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

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