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Growing trends in investing exclusively at earning returns and philanthropic donations motivated by values

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From ESG to philanthropy

Non-profits ESG approach

The world is experiencing a variety of profound and impactful crises from COVID to climate change. Environment nonprofits and other nonprofit organizations are seeing trends in philanthropic donations driven by environment and social values.

Organizations and funds make ESG investing decision with the intent of generating social or environmental impact alongside of philanthropy.

Nonprofits can make a difference in social impact than for-profit businesses. Donors and investors are increasingly imposing ESG to be incorporated into nonprofits missions.

ESG Enterprise solutions can help environment nonprofit enhance an organization’s overall sustainability and ESG best practices. The online software is easy-to-use with many options and features to address environmental nonprofit needs.

From GHG emissions footprinting to TCFD disclosures and reporting. It is an all-in-one software for all nonprofits.

ESG philanthropy is growing quickly

While ESG on nonprofits remain small the impact on ESG philanthropy is growing quickly and becoming a vibrant segment of the wealth strategy.

Environment nonprofit outcome can tie to ESG metrics against benchmark

Online tools with benchmark tools and climate related tools




Nonprofit Organizations


Daily Updates

Low Cost

Affordable way to start ESG journey with freemium account to start and scale up for greater needs

Simple & Easy to Use

System provides AI guided system to help start ESG and align organization goals with ESG practices

ESG Tools

Choose from so many ESG tools to manage ESG to enhance philanthropic values

ESG Track Records

Start ESG now and start track records for donors and investors reporting and evaluation

ESG Disclosure & Reports

Online step-by-step guide to create sustainability or social related disclosures

Integrated Platform

ESG Enterprise platform integrates data and software as all-in-one solutions without addition need to purchase 3rd party data or addition tools

Rich Set of Available Data

Free access to over 40,000 organizations ESG data and track records to compare peers’ performance and track progress

Get Own ESG Ratings

Join now and platform will calculate ESG rating for your organization to help keep track of ESG progress and improvement over time

Intelligent AI Monitoring & Alerts

Built-in AI system will monitor your ESG performance and alert you of significant ESG events and score changes

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We are innovators with deep industry and subject matter expertise with a passion for solving our nonprofits’ complex ESG challenges across their organization.

Our Latest Works

Companies trust our ESG experts and consulting partners in addressing ESG challenges and environment nonprofit.


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ESG Risk Assessments


GHG Scope 1, 2, 3


Net Zero Emissions


ESG Data Integration for Impact Investing


Carbon Neutrality with Energy Companies


ESG Reporting with Tech Companies


ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance software and data analytics company designed to serve businesses of all sizes and kinds. We provide all-in-one tools to address the needs of TCFD disclosures, risk analysis, climate scenarios, net-zero pathways, carbon neutrality solutions, and big data analytics in the environment nonprofit and philanthropy sectors.

Our platform was designed to serve any nonprofit of any sizes and guide them along the way to achieve their ESG goals no matter how big or small. In addition, we provide many technologies and tools to track, monitor, advice and monitor ESG progress – all without incurring huge expenses or consulting fees.

Many have also benefited from many of our marketing and PR events to showcase their progress and increase their philanthropic reach beyond their primary markets.


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