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About ESG Finance & Sustainable Investing Tools

Aligning your impact investments with purpose

Integrated ESG impact investing software for portfolio companies assessment and risk management

Provides ESG finance companies with a consistent and coherent tools and data to assess financially material Environmental, Social, and Governance issues that affect the long-term performance of their investments at both security and thematic level.

The impact investment portfolio management tool provides information on underlying companies’ environmental, social, and governance factors and financial metrics. The tools uses smart Artificial Intelligence algorithms and engine to help assess risks associated with environment, sustainability, social causes , compliances and governance,

The ESG SaaS also provides over 40000 companies around the world on their ESG ratings and risks based on proprietary scoring algorithms based over 1000 data sets, U.N. SDG & SASB metrics, environmental & social impacts and reputations.

The scores are calculated over 100 ESG-related categories to help evaluate exposure to sustainable impact and value oriented issues. The tool then calculates the quality score based in individual pillars of ESG (E, S, and G).

The ESG rating is on a scale of 0-1000 (CCC to AAA). The ESG rating calculates the extent to which a company addresses ESG issues in 4 areas – preparedness, disclosure, climate change, performance. The rating accounts for over 90 general and industry-specified weighted indicators. Incidents and investigative controversy are taken into consideration into the overall ESG impact and risk to the company’s reputation and viability.

ESG data research team uses a variety of data sources in its research, including government and non-government organization reports, company disclosures such as 10-K’s, and media, news sources and social media.

In addition, the tool also provides ESG scores management from other ESG rating companies with full data integration and alert capability. Our unique scope management helps normalize different score methodologies into consistent standards and metrics.

Thousands of Companies ESG Data in Minutes

Check ESG risk ratings and industry reports. Comprehensive ESG data used by financial companies and institutions for investment risk assessments.

Design and Build for ESG Finance Companies

Easy to use online SaaS tool to integrate ESG risk ratings based on forward-looking risks management methodology. ESG Enterprise is the award-winning SaaS for ESG ratings, data and analytics.




Financial Companies


Daily Updates

Global Indices

40,000 Risk Ratings span across 100 countries including emerging markets and most global security markets.

Support Private Companies

Option to add private organizations. Our vast database already tracks more than 8500 private companies including startups, private, cities, municipalities and non-profits.

Portfolio Management

Powerful and yet easy-to-use portfolio management of ESG companies based on U.N. SDG and SASB metrics with many technical indicators & algorithms

3rd Party Ratings Management

Support automatic data integration from 3rd party ESG data providers to create one consolidated performance view of all your portfolio companies.

Impact Performance Monitoring

Smart AI monitoring of impact performance and alert by email based on user preferences

Reporting & API

Comprehensive impact performance reporting, Big Data analysis and API to integrate data into spreadsheet or internal systems

Climate Risks

High-quality climate forward-looking data and powerful models to assess climate-related risks to next 50 or 100 years.

Transitions & Physical Risks

Automate and easy to use tools to perform climate scenario risk analysis to evaluate forward-looking risks factors and metrics

Big Data

Integrated data & risks system provides industry leading big data visualization for ESG signals and opportunities

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We are innovators with deep industry and subject matter expertise with a passion for solving our financial clients’ complex ESG challenges across their organization.

ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance software and data analytics company designed to serve businesses of all sizes and kinds. We provide all-in-one tools to address the needs of TCFD disclosures, risk analysis, climate scenarios, net-zero pathways, carbon neutrality solutions, and big data analytics in the ESG finance, sustainable investing, and asset management sectors.

The platform is used by dozens of impact investing firms to evaluate ESG risks and sustainability performance.


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