5 Top ESG Australia Companies to Watch Out for 2021

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5 Top ESG Australia Companies to Watch Out for 2021

5 Top ESG Australia Companies to Watch Out for 2021 https://www.esgenterprise.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/reflections_t20_XQ84wV.jpg 910 607 ESG Enterprise ESG Enterprise https://www.esgenterprise.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/reflections_t20_XQ84wV.jpg

Investors have been pouring money into environmental, social, and governance (ESG) stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds at a record pace. The run-up in share prices has been particularly strong in stocks.

The outlook for ESG stocks in 2021 is particularly bright thanks to the election of Joe Biden. In a campaign website, the president has promised to invest $2 trillion over four years to ‘build a new American infrastructure and clean energy economy.’ Included in that promise is a $400 billion increase to federal procurement in his first term.

Another major influence expected in 2021 is the adoption of the European Green Deal. The major European Union initiative has the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050 by implementing green technologies like fuel cells and green hydrogen. The European Commission proposed a budget of $2.1 trillion through 2027.

Besides these 2 major factors, a country like the United Kingdom, for example, has banned sales of new fossil-fuel-powered vehicles beginning in 2030, and California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a state-level executive order requiring all vehicles sold in the state to produce no carbon emissions by 2035. Combined, the two orders affect more than 100 million people.


Companies are not wasting any time; we are seeing significant upticks in ESG activities and scores in 40000 companies we are tracking. The ESG momentum is not only strong with clean energy companies, we are seeing broad improvements even in cyclical companies like oil and gas and fashion retailers.

Investors are piling into ESG funds. In the year 2020, ESG companies’ stocks have outperformed others by over 44% better in the United States and a whopping 77% better in Asia.

Here we focus on 5 companies made our watch list.

Telstra Corporation Limited (ASX: TLS) has seen its ESG scores jumped by 37.6 points (ESG Rank: AA) recently, with most of the gain since last month.

Telstra Corporation Limited provides telecommunications and information services to businesses, governments, and individuals in Australia and internationally.

The strong ESG gain gets recognition from its strong climate change management from its recent disclosure. We have been tracking its ESG practices and it is one of the stronger companies with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Hence, we expect Telstra Corporation Limited (ASX: TLS) continues to do well in ESG scores in near future.

Sydney Airport Limited (OTCMKTS: SYDDF) is another strong ESG company with 24.9 ESG points recently to (ESG Rank: A).

Sydney Airport Limited owns Sydney Airport. The company provides international and domestic passenger services. It also offers aeronautical services, including access to terminals, infrastructure, apron parking, airfield and terminal facilities, and government mandated security services for airlines.

Sydney Airport Limited (OTCMKTS: SYDDF) has also demonstrated good progress in its SDG and human capital categories. There are no controversies found related to Sydney Airport Limited and we recommend putting Sydney Airport Limited on the watch list.

BHP Billiton Plc (ASX: BHP) strong ESG improvements month over month stands out among others in the sector.

Here is the monthly trend:

AUB Group Limited (ASX:AUB) puts on the list on sector to pay attention. It has caught the eye of our research team because of its strong management and reputation on climate and employee COVID handling.

AUB Group Limited provides operates as an equity-based insurance broker in Australia and New Zealand. The company operates insurance broking networks represented by approximately 77 businesses.

Finally, we put 1 Million Women Limited on the list. As with other top companies in the same industry, 1 Million Women Limited scores high (ESG Rank: AA) on social justice and community development category.

CORRECTION: added ESG rank to organizations in addition to the numeric ranking


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