Top-rated 5 New Zealand ESG companies outperform others

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Top-rated 5 New Zealand ESG companies outperform others

Top-rated 5 New Zealand ESG companies outperform others 816 612 ESG Enterprise ESG Enterprise

In early 2021, the number of investors that consider ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors when deciding where to invest are rising rapidly.

According to the report from Investment Association, in 2020, investors invested nearly four times the amount of cash into responsible investment funds than they did in the previous year.

Why New Zealand ESG is Improving?

New Zealand handling of COVID-19 is the envy of the world with testing, contact tracing, and clinical management ranked high on global and regional leadership on human capital and technology ESG metrics.

On the global factors, between January and September 2020, $9.7 billion was added to responsible investment funds. The figures establish that ESG is becoming a critical part of portfolios for many ESG investors.

The outlook for ESG impact investment stocks in 2021 is particularly bright with the election of U.S President Joe Biden. The Biden administration has promised to invest $2 trillion over four years to ‘build a new American infrastructure and clean energy economy.

On the Europe outlook, the major influence expected in 2021 is the adoption of the European Green Deal. The major European Union initiative has the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050 by implementing green technologies like fuel cells and green hydrogen. The European Commission proposed a budget of $2.1 trillion through 2027.

Companies are not wasting any time; we are seeing significant upticks in ESG activities with 40000 companies we are tracking. The ESG impact investment momentum is not only strong with clean energy companies, we are seeing broad improvements even in cyclical companies like airlines and healthcare.


Here are 5 New Zealand companies recognized for their ESG performance.

Air New Zealand Limited (NZE: AIR) has seen its ESG scores improving since November 2020, with most of the gain since last two months.

Air New Zealand provides passenger and cargo transportation services on scheduled airlines primarily in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

The strong ESG gain gets recognition from its strong sustainability management from its recent disclosure. We have been tracking its ESG practices and it is one of the stronger companies with a commitment to sustainability and human capital. Hence, we expect Air New Zealand (NZE: AIR) continues to do well in ESG in coming months.

Kiwi Property (NZE: KPG) is another strong ESG impact investment company with 0.0 ESG gain recently. It is one of the largest listed property companies on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and is a member of the S&P/NZX 20 Index.

Kiwi Property has also demonstrated good progress in its Employee Health & Safety categories. There are no controversies found related to Kiwi Property Group and we recommend putting Kiwi Property Group on the ESG watch list.

Meridian Energy (NZE: MEL) strong ESG improvements month over month stands out among others in the sector.

Meridian Energy engages in the generation, trading, and retail of electricity and gas. The company generates electricity through hydro power stations and wind farms located in New Zealand and Australia; and a solar farm in Tongatapu, Tonga.

Here is the monthly trend with consistent strength:

The A2 Milk Company (ASX: A2M) puts on the list on sector to pay attention. It has caught the attention of our research team because of its strong management and reputation on environment and employee COVID handling.

The A2 Milk Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, sells A2 protein type branded milk and related products in Australia, New Zealand, China, other Asian countries, and the United States.

Finally, we put Bidfood a private company on the list. As with other top companies in the same industry, Bidfood scores high on SDG responsible consumption and production category.

For more information, please visit our website to view the company’s ESG scores and risk profiles.


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