This Week’s ESG News: Oceana Group, Attacq, Absa Bank, Exxaro Resources, and ADvTECH

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This Week’s ESG News: Oceana Group, Attacq, Absa Bank, Exxaro Resources, and ADvTECH

This Week’s ESG News: Oceana Group, Attacq, Absa Bank, Exxaro Resources, and ADvTECH 525 350 ESG Enterprise ESG Enterprise

This week’s ESG updates of five companies from our South Africa ESG research team.

Here are the 5 companies from South Africa that made our list

Oceana Group Limited

Oceana Group Limited (JSE: OCE) has seen its ESG rating up to A from BBB recently, with most of the gain in the last three months.

The strong ESG gain gets recognition from its strong human rights and corruption policies according to its recent disclosure. We have been tracking its ESG practices and it is one of the stronger companies with a commitment to sustainability and diversity. Hence, we expect Oceana Group Limited to continue to do well in ESG in the near future.

Attacq Limited

Attacq Limited (JSE: ATT) is another strong ESG company with A ESG rating recently.

Attacq is a South African-based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), with a vision of delivering total returns comprising sustainable income return and long-term capital growth through a focused approach to real estate investments and developments. Attacqs diversified South African portfolio provides sustainable community spaces in its respective nodes, aimed at being the destination of choice and setting Attacq apart from its peers.

Attacq has also demonstrated overall good progress in all E/S/G metrics in SDG and social governance categories. There are no controversies found related to Attacq and we recommend putting Attacq Limited on the list.

Absa Bank Limited

Absa Bank Limited (JSE: ABSP) made the list with an ESG rating of BBB in the Financial sector. The bank has recently demonstrated strong data security management on eContracts and also growth in the renewable energy wholesale segment.

Absa Bank Limited provides various banking products and services in South Africa and Namibia. The company accepts cheques, youth, transactional, and business accounts. Its loan products include personal, express, instant, home, car, study, structured, short and medium-term, and trade and working capital finance; vehicle and asset, property, and debt finance; and overdraft and revolving facilities.


Exxaro Resources Limited

Exxaro Resources Limited (JSE: EXX) puts it on the list of the energy sector to pay attention to. It has a strong job creation program in the community and moving towards renewable resources and striving to gain sustainability leadership.  It has currently a BB ESG rating according to our research team.

Exxaro Resources Limited engages in coal, iron ore investment, pigment manufacturing, and renewable energy businesses in South Africa, Europe, the United States, and Asia.

ADvTECH Limited

The technology company worth mentioning is ADvTECH Limited (JSE: ADH). It has a rating of BBB with strong implementation of King IV Remuneration policy and disclosure. As one of the few education companies in South Africa that made the list, AdvTECH also scores COVID-19 handing among its peers.

ADvTECH Limited provides education, training, and staff placement services in South Africa and internationally. It operates through three divisions: Schools, Tertiary, and Resourcing. The Schools division provides pre-primary, primary, and secondary education services. The Tertiary division offers education at diploma, degree, and postgraduate levels through face-to-face and distance learning.

For more information, please visit our website to view the company’s ESG scores and risk profiles for free.

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