State of ESG in Canada

State of ESG in Canada

State of ESG in Canada

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The state of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) in Canada and ESG criteria are standards set for the operations of a company. Global investors are now using these criteria to screen their potential investments.

The environmental aspect considers the performance of a company to nature. The social aspect looks at the company’s relationship with its employees, customers, suppliers, and the surrounding communities where they operate. Governance deals with the leadership, audits, executive pay, internal controls, and the rights of the shareholders of a company. 

State ESG in Canada

The natural resource sector of Canada is one of the world leaders in terms of performance in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. When a company takes measures to improve their ESG performance, they also need documents to show continuous sustainability improvement by these companies as they are also bringing forth evidence that the practices are also being carried out.

These documentations are the required assurance systems, and many natural resource companies in Canada are working to ensure it is improved. In this globally competitive market, Canadian resource companies can keep up production and grow their market share with strong ESG reporting and become suppliers to a market that needs a sustainable resource. 

Canada is one of the largest producers of oil and gas globally, and the Canadian government, in 2018, approved what is known as the Carbon Tax. This Carbon Tax executes two different standards of pricing that are used uniformly across the country.

The first pricing standard, known as a fuel charge, places a charge on fuels, and this charge is determined by the greenhouse gas emitting potential of the gas. The second pricing standard is an output-based pricing system for large industries, and it sets emission reduction targets for these large industries. There are also pricing emissions to the extent of which the target industry does not meet the target. This is meant to encourage the reduction of emissions from large industrial emitters. 

The Canadian government also recognized that methane is a potential source of greenhouse gas emissions. They also developed regulations that are intended to limit methane emission significantly by 2025.

It also has the plan to introduce a clean fuel standard to reduce the emissions and greenhouse gas emission potential from liquid fuels distributed in Canada. The Canadian government has also presented legislation that outlines the process it tends to establish to have achieved net-zero emission by 2050. Some of the largest oil and gas companies in Canada have also aided the government’s effort by voluntarily adopting personal net-zero targets. 

In January 2021, the Capital Markets Modernization Task Force of Ontario officially gave a final report. They recommended a mandatory ESG in Canada disclosure for all non-investment fund issuers complying with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Change-Related Financial Disclosure (TFCD). Although the task force’s mandate is only limited to Ontario, it strongly suggested that the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) place a uniform standard across all the provinces. In the report, a transition period is suggested on the market capitalization of an issuer. The smallest issuers, those whose market capitalization is under $150 million, have up to five years to comply.

The largest issuers, those with a market capitalization above $500 million, are to comply within two years. The current framework that issuers are expected to work with until there is an imposition of additional ESG-specific guidance makes it compulsory to disclose material information regarding some ESG issues. 

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When it comes to state of ESG in Canada criteria, Canada is highly ranked among the top 20 oil-producing nations in the world. However, the country rank 2nd in governance and social progress and then 4th in the environment. Nevertheless, oil sand companies in Canada are leading the industry in terms of ESG initiatives. Collectively, they have reduced greenhouse gas emission intensity between 2000 and 2007 by 28% per oil barrel produced, and there is another 16 to 23 percent expected reduction by 2030.

In addition, the forestry sector of Canada switched to a more renewable type of electricity generation, thereby reducing the greenhouse gas emission by 49% between 2005 and 2015. 

Top ESG Companies in Canada

  • Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.
    Industry: Extractives & Minerals Processing – Construction Materials
    Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc., together with its subsidiaries, manufactures, distributes, and sells industrial wood pellets for industrial electrical power generation and home heating consumption in North America, Asia, and Europe. The company produces renewable fuel in the form of industrial wood pellets for electricity generation, which are used by utilities and large-scale power generators to produce renewable and baseload power. It also owns and operates the Westview port facility at Prince Rupert for the storage, handling, and loading of third party wood pellets. The company was formerly known as Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc. and changed its name to Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. in December 2018. Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Richmond, Canada.
  • Gibson Energy Inc.
    Industry: Infrastructure – Electric Utilities & Power Generation
    Gibson Energy Inc., a crude oil infrastructure company, engages in the gathering, storage, optimization, processing, and marketing of crude oil and refined products in North America. It operates through Infrastructure and Marketing segments. The Infrastructure segment operates a network of infrastructure assets that include oil terminals, rail loading and unloading facilities, gathering pipelines, and a crude oil processing facility, as well as procession, recovery, and disposal terminals. The Marketing segment purchases, sells, stores, and optimizes hydrocarbon products, including crude oil, natural gas liquids, road asphalt, roofing flux, frac oils, light and heavy straight run distillates, combined vacuum gas oil, and an oil-based mud product. The company was formerly known as Gibson Energy Holdings ULC and changed its name to Gibson Energy Inc. in April 2011. Gibson Energy Inc. was founded in 1950 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.
  • The David Suzuki Foundation
    Industry: Food & Beverage agricultural Products
  • We Charity
    Industry: Health Care – Health Care Delivery
  • Northland Power Inc.
    Industry: Renewable & Alternative Energy – Biofuels & Others
    Northland Power Inc., an independent power producer, develops, builds, owns, and operates clean and green power projects primarily in Canada and Europe. The company produces electricity from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, or hydro power, as well as clean burning natural gas and biomass for sale under power purchase agreements and other revenue arrangements. As of March 9, 2020, it owned or had economic interest in 2,429 megawatts (MW) of operating generating capacity and 399 MW of generating capacity under construction. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
  • Canadian Solar Inc.
    Industry: Renewable & Alternative Energy – Solar Technology & Product Developers
    Canadian Solar Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells solar ingots, wafers, cells, modules, and other solar power products. The company operates through two segments, Module and System Solutions (MSS), and Energy. The MSS segment engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of a range of solar power products, including standard solar modules, specialty solar products, and solar system kits that are a ready-to-install packages comprising inverters, racking systems, and other accessories. It also provides engineering, procurement, and construction; and operation and maintenance (O&M) services. This segments energy solution products include solar inverters and energy storage systems for utility, commercial, residential, and specialty product applications. Its O&M services include inspections, repair, and replacement of plant equipment; and site management and administrative support services for solar power projects. The Energy segment engages in the development and sale of solar power projects; and operation of solar power plants and sale of electricity. As of January 31, 2020, this segment had a fleet of solar power plants in operation with an aggregate capacity of approximately 880.2 MWp. The company’s primary customers include distributors, system integrators, project developers, and installers/EPC companies. Canadian Solar Inc. sells its products primarily under its Canadian Solar brand name; and on an OEM basis. It has operations in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and internationally. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Guelph, Canada.
  • Fort McMurray
    Industry: Government – City & Urban Planning
  • REN Energy International Corp.
    Industry: Renewable & Alternative Energy – Solar Technology & Product Developers
    REN Energy International Corp is a project developer in the area of waste to energy for communities and First Nations. REN’s current focus is on the development of multiple projects in Western Canada and USA to convert biomass waste from forestry to renewable natural gas, for which contracts and LOI’s have been secured.
  • Foodshare Toronto
    Industry: Non-Profit – Human Services & Social Welfare
  • Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
    Industry: Renewable & Alternative Energy – Biofuels & Others
    Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. operates as an independent renewable power producer in Canada, the United States, France, and Chile. It acquires, owns, develops, and operates hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, and solar farms. The company operates through three segments: Hydroelectric Generation, Wind Power Generation, and Solar Power Generation. As of May 14, 2020, it had interests in 69 operating facilities with a net installed capacity of 2,656 megawatt (MW), including 37 hydroelectric facilities, 26 wind farms, and six solar farms, as well as six development projects with net installed capacity of 295 MW and prospective projects with gross installed capacity of 7,131 MW. Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Longueuil, Canada.
    Industry: Food & Beverage agricultural Products
    Industry: Food & Beverage agricultural Products
  • Calian Group Ltd.
    Industry: Services – Professional & Commercial Services
    Calian Group Ltd. provides services and solutions in the areas of advanced technologies, health, learning, and information technology (IT) in Canada, the United States, and Europe. The companys Advanced Technologies segment offers developed products and engineering solutions for software and product development, studies, requirements analysis, project management, engineered system and turnkey solutions, and training; and manufacturing services. This segment also provides communication systems and products for terrestrial and satellite networks; satellite gateways comprising aperture radio frequency antennas, and telemetry tracking and control, as well as software solutions for managing and monitoring networks; engineering and technical services for propulsion, electrical and electronic systems, computer and nuclear systems, naval architecture, and aerospace; and nuclear services to develop waste management and decommissioning solutions. Its Health segment offers primary care and occupational health services; and clinic management, healthcare practitioner support, and psychological assessment services. The companys Learning segment provides training services and solutions; and consulting services in emergency management, training, and advanced training technologies. This segment also offers Calian MaestroEDE, a tool for collective training exercises for military customers; and Calian ResponseReady, an online platform and simulation tool for emergency management training exercise delivery and evaluation. Its IT segment offers cloud migration, IT development, SAP consulting, and cyber security solutions, as well as IT support services. The company serves health, defense, security, aerospace, engineering, communication, nuclear, agriculture, IT, energy, and oil and gas industries. The company was formerly known as Calian Technologies Ltd. and changed its name to Calian Group Ltd. in April 2016. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
    Industry: Financials asset Management & Custody Activities
    Brookfield Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager and one of the largest investors in real assets. Our investment focus is on real estate, renewable power, infrastructure and private equity assets. Our objective is to generate attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns for the benefit of our clients and shareholders. We manage a range of public and private investment products and services for institutional and retail clients. We earn asset management income for doing so and align our interests with our clients by investing alongside them. We have an exceptionally strong balance sheet, with over $30 billion of capital invested, primarily in our four listed partnerships: Brookfield Property Partners, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, Brookfield Renewable Partners and Brookfield Business Partners. This access to large-scale capital enables us to make investments in sizeable, premier assets across geographies and asset classes that few managers are able to do. We create value for BAM shareholders in the following ways: As an asset manager Â? by investing both our own capital and that of our investors Â? this enables us to increase the scale of our operations, and enhances our financial returns through base management fees and performance-based income; as an investor and capital allocator Â? we strive to invest at attractive valuations, particularly in value-oriented situations that create opportunities for superior valuation gains and cash flow returns, or by monetizing assets at appropriate times to realize value; and as an owner-operator Â? we constantly work to increase the value of the assets within our operating businesses and the cash flows they produce through our operating expertise, development capabilities and effective financing.
  • Corner Brook
    Industry: Government – City & Urban Planning
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Limited
    Industry: Transportation – Rail Transportation
    Canadian Pacific Railway Limited, together with its subsidiaries, owns and operates a transcontinental freight railway in Canada and the United States. The company transports bulk commodities, including grain, coal, potash, fertilizers, and Sulphur; and merchandise freight, such as energy, chemicals and plastics, metals, minerals and consumer, automotive, and forest products. It also transports intermodal traffic comprising retail goods in overseas containers. The company offers rail and intermodal transportation services through a network of approximately 12,700 miles serving business centers in Quebec and British Columbia, Canada; and the United States Northeast and Midwest regions. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited was founded in 1881 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.
  • Westport Fuel Systems Inc.
    Industry: Transportation auto Parts
    Westport Fuel Systems Inc. engineers, manufactures, and supplies alternative fuel systems and components for use in transportation applications worldwide. It operates through Transportation and Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI) Joint Venture segments. The company offers alternative fuel systems and components, which include a range of alternative fuels, such as liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen; and independent aftermarket, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and delayed OEMs, electronics, current and advanced research and development programs, supply chain, and product planning activities. It also provides Westport High Pressure Direct Injection 2.0, a fully integrated system that powers compression ignition engines by natural gas, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the company develops, sells, and markets spark-ignited natural gas or propane engines; and CWI engines for transit, school and shuttle buses, conventional trucks and tractors, refuse collection trucks, and specialty vehicles, such as short-haul port drayage trucks and street sweepers. Its products and services are used for passenger cars; light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks; and horsepower, cryogenics, and hydrogen applications. Westport Fuel Systems Inc. markets its products primarily under the Cummins Westport, BRC, Westport, OMVL, Prins, GFi Control systems, Emer, Zavoli, TA Gas Technology, Valtek, and AFS brands. The company was formerly known as Westport Innovations Inc. and changed its name to Westport Fuel Systems Inc. in June 2016. Westport Fuel Systems Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Hydro One Limited
    Industry: Transportation Freight & Logistics
    Hydro One Limited, through its subsidiaries, operates as an electrical transmission and distribution company in Ontario. It operates through three segments: Transmission, Distribution, and Other Business. The company owns and operates approximately 123,000 circuit kilometers of low-voltage distribution network. It serves approximately 1.4 million residential, small business, commercial, and industrial customers. The company also provides telecommunications support services for its transmission and distribution businesses; and communications and information technology solutions to organizations for broadband network connectivity. Hydro One Limited was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
  • BC Wildlife Park
    Industry: Food & Beverage agricultural Products
  • Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
    Industry: Food & Beverage – Processed Foods
    Maple Leaf Foods Inc. operates as a consumer protein company. It produces various food products, including prepared meats, ready-to-cook and ready-to-serve meals, fresh pork, poultry, and plant protein products. The company offers its products under various brands, including Maple Leaf, Maple Leaf Prime, Maple Leaf Natural Selections, Schneider’s, Schneider’s Country Naturals, Mina, Greenfield Natural Meat Co., Lightlife, Field Roast Grain Meat Co., and Swift. It primarily markets its products in Canada, the United States, and Asia. The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.
  • Ballard Power Systems Inc
    Industry: Resource Transformation – Industrial Machinery & Goods
    Ballard Power Systems Inc. engages in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service of proton exchange membrane fuel cell products primarily in Canada. The company offers heavy duty modules, marine systems, fuel cell stacks, backup power systems, and material handling products. It also provides technology solutions, including engineering and technology transfer, as well as the licenses and sells intellectual property portfolio and fundamental knowledge for various proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications. The company serves transit bus, rail, critical infrastructure, marine, material handling, stationary power, truck, and automotive markets. It markets its products in China, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, France, Taiwan, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, and internationally. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Burnaby, Canada.
  • Questor Technology Inc.
    Industry: Renewable & Alternative Energy – Biofuels & Others
    Questor Technology Inc., an environmental clean technology company, designs, manufactures, and services waste gas combustion systems in Canada and internationally. The company sells, rents, and services waste gas incineration systems. It offers its solutions for various oil and gas projects, as well as for landfill biogas, syngas, waste engine exhaust, geothermal and solar, and cement plant waste heat. The company was formerly known as Interglobe Gas Technology Inc. and changed its name to Questor Technology Inc. in September 1995. Questor Technology Inc. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.
  • PyroGenesis Canada Inc.
    Industry: Resource Transformation – Industrial Machinery & Goods
    PyroGenesis Canada Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and commercializes advanced plasma processes and systems in Canada and internationally. It offers DROSRITE, a sustainable process for enhancing metal recovery from dross targeting primarily metallurgical industry; plasma atomized metal powders; PUREVAP, a process to produce high purity metallurgical grade silicon and solar grade silicon from quartz; plasma fired steam generator, which directly generates steam suitable for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) for the oil and gas industry; and custom reactors and furnaces for use in advanced materials, metallurgical, environmental, and chemical fields. The company also provides plasma torches, including APT for waste treatment, gas heating, research and development, and advanced materials production applications; Minigun, which offers a solution for thermal treatment of metals, nanotechnology, and material fabrication; reverse polarity torches for use in the production of high purity materials and nanomaterials, research and development, waste treatment, and thermal spray coatings; and SPT plasma torches for use in the destruction of refrigerants and other substances. In addition, it offers plasma arc gasification and vitrification system; plasma arc waste destruction system for land; plasma arc waste destruction system; PRRS, a plasma waste-to-energy solution; SPARC, a process for the destruction of ozone depleting substances and other environmentally noxious chemicals; and tactical PACWADS system that destroys chemical warfare agents. The company serves defense, metallurgical, mining, advanced materials, oil and gas, and environmental industries. PyroGenesis Canada Inc. is based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Open Text Corporation
    Industry: Technology & Communications – Software & IT Services
    Open Text Corporation provides a suite of software products and services. The company offers content services; business network that manages and connects data within the organization; Cyber Resilience, a solution for defending against cyber threats and preparing for business continuity and response in the event of a breach; OpenText security solutions that addresses information security and digital investigations; AI and analytics that leverages structured or unstructured data; and OpenText Information Management software platform that provides multi-level, multi-role, and multi context security information platforms. It also offers digital process automation, which enables organizations to transform into digital data-driven businesses through automation; Customer Experience Management, a set of processes used to track customer interactions throughout the customer journey; and Discovery suite that provides forensics and unstructured data analytics for searching, collecting, and investigating enterprise data to manage legal obligations and risk. In addition, the company offers customer support programs that include access to software upgrades, a knowledge base, discussions, product information, and an online mechanism to post and review trouble tickets. Further, it provides professional services, such as consulting and learning services relating to the implementation, training, and integration of its licensed product offerings, as well as cloud services. The company serves organizations, enterprise companies, mid-market companies, and public sector agencies worldwide. It has strategic partnerships with SAP SE, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Corporation, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Accenture plc, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Tata Consultancy Services, ATOS, ATOS International S.A.S., Capgemini Technology Services SAS, and Cognizant Technology Solutions U.S. Corp. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada.
  • African Wildlife Foundation
    Industry: Food & Beverage agricultural Products
  • White Rock
    Industry: Government – City & Urban Planning
  • Intertape Polymer Group Inc.
    Industry: Food & Beverage – Processed Foods
    Intertape Polymer Group Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides packaging and protective solutions in Canada, Germany, the United States, and internationally. Its paper and film based tapes include pressure-sensitive and water-activated carton sealing tapes; industrial and specialty tapes, such as double-coated, duct, electrical and electronic, filament, flatback, foil, paper, polyethylene, process indicator, sheathing, sports, and stencil products; and complementary packaging systems. The company offers shrink films, stretch wraps, and polyethylene and polyolefin films; and protective packaging solutions comprising air pillows, bubble cushioning, mailers, paper void fills and cushioning, protective foam roll stocks, protective packaging systems, thermal solutions, and anti-corrosion packaging products. It also provides industrial packaging, protective covering, and barrier and liner products; and building and construction products, such as protective wraps for kiln dried lumber and membrane barrier products, as well as supplies packaging over-wrap sleeves. The company offers agro-environmental products, including geomembrane and poultry fabrics, hay wraps, and tarpaulins; billboard and poster, and other specialty fabrics; metal wraps and other industrial packaging products; and flexible intermediate bulk containers and bulk bags. It sells its products through paper, packaging, and industrial distributors; directly to large end-users, converters, and original equipment manufacturers; and retail channels. The company serves food processing, general manufacturing, fulfillment, transportation, building and construction, consumer, oil and gas, agriculture, aerospace, appliance, sports and entertainment, marine, composites, military, and medical applications. Intertape Polymer Group Inc. was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.
  • Element Fleet Management Corp.
    Industry: Health Care – Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
    Element Fleet Management Corp. operates as a fleet management company in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. The company offers fleet management services, including acquisition, financing, program management, and vehicle remarketing services for cars and light duty vehicles, medium and heavy duty trucks, material handling equipment, automobiles, and specialty vehicles and equipment, as well as corporate, municipal, and industrial fleets. It serves agriculture, business services, chemical, construction, consumer products, education and non-profit, energy, food and beverage, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare, professional services, telecommunications, transportation, and utility industries. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
  • Greenlane Renewables Inc.
    Industry: Renewable & Alternative Energy – Biofuels & Others
    Greenlane Renewables Inc. provides biogas upgrading systems worldwide. The companys systems remove impurities and separate carbon dioxide from biomethane in the raw biogas created from anaerobic decomposition of organic waste at landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and farms and food waste facilities for injection into the natural gas grid or for direct use as vehicle fuel. It offers water wash, pressure swing adsorption, and membrane separation technologies. The company markets and sells its upgrading systems under the Greenlane Biogas brand. The company was formerly known as Creation Capital Corp. and changed its name to Greenlane Renewables Inc. in June 2019. Greenlane Renewables Inc. was incorporated in 2018 and is headquartered in Burnaby, Canada.
  • World Vision Canada
    Industry: Health Care – Health Care Delivery
  • Manulife Financial Corporation
    Industry: Financials – Consumer Finance
    Manulife Financial Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides financial advice, insurance, and wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups, and institutions in Asia, Canada, the United States, and internationally. The company offers individual life, and individual and group long-term care insurance; and guaranteed and partially guaranteed annuity products through insurance agents, brokers, banks, financial planners, and direct marketing. It also provides mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, group retirement and savings products, and institutional asset management services through agents and brokers affiliated with the company, securities brokerage firms, financial advisors, pension plan consultants, and banks; and banking products, such as deposit and credit products to Canadian customers. In addition, the company is involved in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance businesses; and run-off reinsurance operations, including variable annuities, and accident and health. Further, it manages timberland and agricultural portfolios; and engages in insurance agency, portfolio and mutual fund management, mutual fund dealer, life and financial reinsurance, and mutual funds marketing businesses. Additionally, the company holds and manages oil and gas properties; holds oil and gas royalties, and foreign bonds and equities; and provides investment management, counseling, advisory, and dealer services. Manulife Financial Corporation was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
  • People Corporation
    Industry: Services – Professional & Commercial Services
    People Corporation provides group benefits, group retirement, wellness, and human resource solutions in Canada. The company offers consulting solutions, which primarily include plan review and design, plan recommendations and marketing, alternative funding methods, plan set up, employee communications, and wellness programs. It also has third-party administration and third-party payor service and administrative platforms to provide group benefit, group retirement, and consulting advice customized towards the clients needs. In addition, the company offers a range of human resource solutions, including human resource consulting, compensation, assessment, recruiting, career transition, and talent management services. People Corporation was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Glacier Media Inc.
    Industry: Services – Education
    Glacier Media Inc. operates as an information and marketing solutions company in Canada and the United States. It operates through three segments: Environmental and Property Information; Commodity Information; and Community Media. The company publishes local daily and weekly newspapers, and related publications, as well as develops Websites and digital products in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, and the United States. It also provides crucial data, news, and analysis, such as dissect complex markets, news and context, invest with confidence, mitigate risk, benchmark financials, and build sales pipeline solutions; and digital and print advertising, audience delivery, Content creation, storytelling, and events services. In addition, the company offers research and advisory services; and operates an online real estate portal. It serves clients in various sectors, such as agriculture, energy, mining, real estate, regional business, environmental risk, regulatory compliance, community media, and weather. The company was formerly known as Glacier Ventures International Corp. and changed its name to Glacier Media Inc. in July 2008. Glacier Media Inc. was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Aberdeen International Inc.
    Industry: Financials asset Management & Custody Activities
    Aberdeen International Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a resource investment company and a merchant bank focusing on small capitalization companies in the metals and mining sector. It intends to acquire equity participation in pre-IPO and early stage public resource companies with undeveloped or undervalued resources. The company was formerly known as International Catalyst Ventures Inc. and changed its name to Aberdeen International Inc. in November 2001. Aberdeen International Inc. was incorporated in 1987 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


Over 50.6% of assets in Canada under management are accounted for by responsible investments, which is an increase from the 37.8% in previous years. This shows that the investors in Canada see the ESG criteria as important in making investment decisions.

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