Here is why we are being considered as ESG innovators

Access 70 industry averages for GHG scope 1, 2, 3 emissions across all 90 countries Access 70 industry averages for employee satisfactions, safety, gender diversity

Here is why we are being considered as ESG innovators

Here is why we are being considered as ESG innovators 1080 1080 ESG Enterprise ESG Enterprise

Innovators for a long time have sprung up discussions about taking sustainability and ESG reporting to the next level. More recently, experts and innovators have highlighted the need to modernize and leverage technology to scale up ESG reporting by innovators; the possibilities revolve around developing software based on specific frameworks and applications for organizations to track ESG  carbon emissions and all other similar technologies.

All the efforts at utilizing information technology for development are based on fundamental coding systems used to develop applications. While this is good progress,  it is not optimized to enable developers to create the best digital solutions and optimize operational efficiency.

ESG applications with a difference

After tremendous research and analysis based on insights on the use of similar technologies,  the ESG Enterprise has brought forward an innovative and first-of-its-kind intervention to help IT developers crank out the best ESG applications and software and organizations attain the net zero emissions targets while reducing their carbon footprints.

ESG-as-a-service is provided as a form of standalone API  library that allows developers to create software through data transmissions and is a game-changer for application development.

The benefits of API are centered on  Innovations that facilitate quicker application development and improved functionality. The integration of ESG-as-a-service API for sustainability applications offers the following benefits.

Quick Development Time

For IT  developers saddled with the responsibility of producing sustainability applications, the ESG-as-a-service facilitates a faster application development time due to easy synchronization of the necessary APIs. Not only does this benefit help the application developers but extends to the end user’s experience as it allows for a smooth operation and improved usability.

Reduces The Coding Workload

With ESG-as-a-service, the amount of clothing needed for developing an application is drastically reduced. By coordinating the different APIs within the ESG as a service API library, one can equip the sustainability applications with many functionalities without having tons of code to be written.


Using the ESG as a service API, organizations can develop their ESG systems using desired frameworks for reporting without acquiring new software and saas. This contributes to a reduced cost of developing sustainability solutions for organizations. It also provides assessment data and tools that allow for quick reporting of ESG and making necessary analyses.

Swift Integration for Streamlined Operations

As innovators, for smooth integration with corporate financial reporting systems, in concert with a defined ESG reporting framework, sustainability solutions have been made easy by ESG Enterprise with ESG as a service. Organizations are also at the liberty of integrating with CRM SharePoint and other forms of internal reporting systems;  This is in addition to easy access to benchmark ESG data across several industries and countries.

Seamless and Efficient Carbon Accounting

This is crucial to assessing an organization’s progress regarding emissions and attaining sustainability goals. With access to over 63,000 GHG scopes 1, 2, and 3 emission factors and calculations,  the ESG as a service API allows for better accuracy in carbon accounting. The environment API can also be integrated with SAP/ERP, EHS, BMS, Excel, and other industrial data management systems to better calculate and manage your emotions as an organization.


The solution provided by ESG enterprises as innovators for developing sustainability software in the form of an API library is the long-awaited solution poised to transform the sustainability landscape and ramp up the efficiency of activities, including carbon accounting, ESG reporting, and assessments. As an organization needing this solution, you can find out more details on the ESG enterprise websites where the API documentation is made available.


10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

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