The Integration Of API in creating ESG Software

The Integration Of API ESG Software

The Integration Of API in creating ESG Software

The Integration Of API in creating ESG Software 1080 1080 ESG Enterprise ESG Enterprise

It is no longer news that building sustainable systems and solutions for ESG endeavors through the integration of API has seen several advancements and technological incorporations. All these are aimed to help scale up essential activities and provide a better effective system for organizations to fulfill their sustainability goals and get in tune with the latest ESG trends.

However, building a modern and comprehensive ESG system can be daunting due to sustainability’s intricacies and varying dimensions. It is thus a pressing need to create systems through software and applications that would cater excellently to the purpose it is created.

So here is a peek at ESG as a service API and all you need to know about it.


ESG-As-A-Service: Everything you need to know about

The ESG as a service API library is lauded as a solution to help developers build the most credible ESG applications for organizations. From features that help create carbon accounting systems to better standardized GHG reporting frameworks and data integration, it stands as a pivot for ESG solutions.


ESG and Integration of API- Components

While creating ESG solutions, it is paramount to have sufficient resources as provided by the ESG-as-a-service API library that aids developers in creating effective solutions with ease and minimal friction.

The ESG-as-a-service API library features components, each targeted explicitly at aiding developers in churning out applications and software that covers the distinct aspects of ESG.

Environment API library

This API library allows developers access to several GHG emission factors and calculations to facilitate the development of accounting solutions covering scope 1 2 3 emissions, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxides reporting requirements. It encompasses over 62,000 GHG score 1, 2, and 3 emission factors and calculations and fully supports water waste,  LCA, and custom factors. Additionally, it benefits developers through easy integration with already existing data management systems for emission calculations.

ESG Reporting Frameworks

Reporting ESG has never been easier as you can develop your personalized ESG report system. The API library provides developers with over 25 reporting frameworks, including the taxonomy and critical performance indicators. Companies are at liberty to select from these resources to develop and tailor ESG reporting solutions to the organization’s sustainability goals. Asides from this, it offers organizations integration channels with corporate financial reporting systems in collaboration with built-in materiality assessment data and tools.

The ESG data and Benchmark API

The importance of data accessibility through the integration of API when developing sustainability systems cannot be overemphasized. The ESG  as a service software tends to this need by providing adequate data and a comprehensive database to quickly assess a company’s ESG performance and comparisons with peers.

Supplementary ESG Tools

To help IT developers scale up the production and development of sustainability solutions and products ESG as-a-service API library also features additional tools to improve functionality.

 Tools such as cargo distance calculations and scanning tools appeal to developers for seamless digital solution creation.


The superiority of the API facilitates better-advanced sustainability system development as it offers benefits, including automation, making workflows easier to manage, and allowing flexibility and personalization of systems based on the needs and interests of organizations. Another great benefit of the API provided by ESG-as-a-service is seamless data integration across different applications and enhancing a better user experience; this erases the difficulty of manual data uploading and reduces the margin of errors. Using the ESG-as-a-service results are accurate and standardized sustainability through advanced GHG reporting and carbon accounting systems.


10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

Automatic ESG reporting by 30+ global frameworks including GRI, SASB, TCFD, CSRD, ISSB, EU SFDR, EU TAXONOMY, CDP and more.


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