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Carbon Management Software – encompasses a wide range of processes involved in the management of emissions. Carbon management helps businesses and organizations identify their carbon emission levels and adopt measures for efficient carbon utilization.

Carbon emissions come from every sector and have contributed significantly to climate change. With the effect of carbon emissions on climate change, regulatory measures such as mandatory carbon reporting have been effected.

Carbon management focuses on helping organizations meet and exceed regulatory requirements. With different companies’ carbon management services, organizations can proactively manage carbon emissions to achieve maximum operational gains and financial benefits. Organizations can also boost their reputation from active carbon management.

ESG Enterprise carbon management software helps organization every step of your energy transition journey starting from greenhouse gas emissions capture, GHG, SOx, NOx calculations, GHG Scope 1, 2, 3, set targets & benchmarks to complete GHG emissions automation and ESG reporting.


Automate GHG Scope 1, 2, 3, SOx, NOx

Automated Industrial Controls Integration

Automate and meet strict air emissions and GHG inventory requirements with automated data collections with industrial controls sensors, IoTs, Pi-System, SCADA, AMI, ERM, EHS systems.

Supports capturing carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, fossil fuel, natural gas, renewable energy across fuel types, assets and power plants.

Finally the All-in-One ESG & Carbon Management Solution is Here.

Carbon management software solutions are aimed at a wide range of goals, including the measurement, planning, taking inventory, benchmarking, and managing carbon emissions. These software solutions are aimed at making the emission goal of businesses and organizations attainable.

The use of carbon management software comes with numerous direct benefits for businesses and organizations. These benefits include enhanced operational efficiency and the differentiation of operations. The business risks associated with climate change can also be mitigated using carbon management software solutions.

With carbon software solutions, organizations and businesses are also better equipped to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Carbon software solutions aimed at monitoring carbon emissions could be categorized into those that monitor the carbon emissions from direct sources and those that monitor carbon emissions from direct and indirect sources.

Carbon Capture, Data Collections & Calculations

With carbon tax regulations and many carbon-related disclosures on the horizon. Many companies are using ESG Enterprise solution to capture their carbon dioxides and methane emissions with digital automation solutions. ESG Enterprise carbon capture tools track GHG scope 1, 2, and 3 seamlessly across your organization and supply-chain. System has built-in 62,000 GHG emission factors, LCA and custom factors to meet and exceed most carbon accounting needs.

GHG Scope 1, 2, 3 & Inventories

Take control of your greenhouse gas emissions by automating GHG Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions, SOx, NOx data capturing and taking inventories regularly. The system adheres with industry standards like GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.

Benchmarking by KPIs & Targeting

Take advantage of ESG Enterprise carbon benchmarking capability against global standards to create baseline scenarios and help project emissions based on historical activity data. Leverage Big Data visualization to help find opportunities to mitigate risks.

Sustainability Reporting

Data collection is a crucial part of sustainability reporting. Our tools help automate the data collection process meeting deadlines and disclosure milestones. Our system supports most reporting framework like GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD, NFRD and SFDR.

Carbon Mitigations

The ESG platform provides built-in carbon mitigation models and financial analysis tools to generate carbon cost curves and risk matrix. Built-in tool to select different climate scenarios from Paris Climate Agreement to Business-as-Usual scenarios.

Assets & Financial Risk Management

ESG Dashboard provides stakeholders visualization of all carbon risk indicators and financial projections in a single and simple to understand user interface.

Start decarbonization and try scenario analysis tools

Access to ESG Enterprise rich-set of data to mitigate climate risks and emissions

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Carbon Capture

Automate greenhouse gas emissions across organization and supply chain.



Carbon software automates data files for carbon emission and waste water collections from external sources.



Continuously and accurately keeps track of GHG scope 1, 2, and 3 across all assets and activities.



Creates mitigation and adaptation pathways based on budgets and financial goals.



Centralized data and offsets for ESG reporting at state, national and voluntary reporting.


Manage Risks

Implement carbon risks management and monitoring for internal controls and reporting.

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ESG Enterprise Carbon Management & Services

A new report from global McKinsey & Co has shown that many companies, especially in the energy industry, are not doing enough to meet the goals of the Paris climate accord, a legally binding international treaty to limit global warming to well below 2.0°C and ideally not more than 1.5°C above industrial levels.

If that target is not met, it could result in pressure from governments, investors, and society to cut down on emissions and decarbonization across industries, thus creating major shifts in commodity demand for the mining industry and likely resulting in declining global mining revenue pools.

While it’s unclear the extent to which companies are responding to climate change, it is obvious that a lot still needs to be done to combat climate change. Data from studies indicate that about 4-7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions emanate from the mining industry, out of which scope 1 emissions (from mining operations) and scope 2 (power consumption by mines) account for 1 percent. At the same time, the rest can be attributed to fugitive-methane emission from coal mining.

To address climate risk, mining companies must pay attention to three things: which assets are most vulnerable to climate change, how decarbonization could shift the demand for key minerals and how miners can decarbonize their operations.

ESG Enterprise works with leading institutions to develop carbon management strategies through partnerships that tackle ESG & sustainability environment problems. We bring the best of our platform and ESG expertise, and analysis to identify innovative solutions.

We work to deliver extraordinary impact for our clients and the planet through the lens of everchanging government policies and consumer behaviors.

Count on ESG Enterprise’s extensive experience in helping businesses,  governmental organizations across sectors to realize their carbon mitigation goals.

ESG Enterprise is Environmental, Social, and Governance software and data analytics company designed to serve businesses of all sizes and kinds. We provide all-in-one ESG reporting tools to address the needs of GRI, SFDR, TCFD and SDG disclosures, risk analysis, climate scenarios, net-zero pathways, carbon neutrality solutions, and big data analytics in all sectors.


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