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The impacts of climate change threaten the global economy and local communities. With higher climate risks, the needs to drive rapid decarbonization and reduce wastes are more important than ever.

ESG Enterprise partnered with major financial firms to create ESG a premium ESG database based on world-class curated data to help investors make informed and accurate decisions regarding investing. The partnership has proven to be successful in creating ESG financial products for social responsible, impact investing, and themed-based financial products (ETF) catering to growing demand from sustainable consumers and investors.

ESG Enterprise provides extensive ESG database service across 250 distinct metrics, covering 90% of the global market. ESG Enterprise serves in various areas such as screening or quantitative analysis, portfolio analysis, and equity research using various ESG factors.

ESG data are designed based on company’s disclosure data, public database and NGO and historied data that aids in measuring the organization’s relative ESG performance, efficiency, and dedication, without bias. 100 main KPIs can be measured: human rights, biodiversity, climate change, human capital and governance, and many more—overall combined ESG score of organizations that we accommodate. We have data of almost 250,000 companies worldwide to date as of 2019. The data ranges from companies’ GHG scope 1, 2, 3, water, waste reported data, to social indicators like employee safety records, workforce gender ration to governance topics like board diversity and CEO pay ratio.

The premium data are used by major organizations for impact investments and also for benchmarking.

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Navigating ESG Assessments and Investment Profiles

Over 250000 organizations ESG data and across the world

ESG Risk Profiles in PDF Reports

Finally the All-in-One ESG Solution is Here.

Starts with freemium basic level and see for yourself how easy it is to explore over 250000 companies ESG assessments and risk profiles using online search tool or API Data Services.

Extensive ESG Premium Database

Globally, we have the most system extensive ESG operations to collect data with the help of professionally trained analysts and AI systems in place. We offer the most current exhaustive coverage of data in over 13 localized languages. We process every possible information data set from various sources and through our 100 ESG measures. Each measure is investigated deliberately to ensure accurate and standardized information comparable to a wide range of other companies.

ESG Data Metrics

Our methodology created with partnership with financial firms takes a principled approach by using various calculations but also specific rules. The approach allows Different weightings have been added for each ESG magnitude (materiality) and allow for comparative interpretation with various groups of information, we use country and industry benchmarks at the data point level.

API Data Services

Access to ESG data in fast and secured method is critical to any financial firms digital strategies. ESG Enterprise APIs utilizes REST APIs with endpoint encryptions and secured. The performance is blazing fast with low latency across regions around the world.

Impact & Themed-Base Investing

Our tool offers the most current exhaustive coverage of data in over 22 localized languages. We process every possible information data set from various sources and through our 50 ESG themes. Each theme is investigated deliberately to ensure accurate and standardized information comparable to a wide range of other companies. Our financial partners have leverage thematic data for ETFs portfolio management.

Opt-In Assessments

Investing firms can get more accurate assessments from portfolio companies ESG practices by using ESG Enterprise integrated online data collection tools. The tools provide a seamless method of data collects valuable ESG data without tedious manual processes.

Data Sources

Data quality is a vital part of the collection process; that is why we use both algorithmic and human processes to make sure we achieve as close to 100% data quality as humanly possible. Our ESG database consists of 50+ data sources from NGOs, local government database and specialized data sets.

Start recognizing climate risks with accurate ESG Assessments

To understand the accurate ESG data and potential of a company, many factors have to be intertwined and considered, two of which are industry and country materiality and company size biases. As previously noted, this is accomplished by strictly adhering to the calculation principles shown below. Additionally, our exhaustive framework ensures transparency and a truly data-driven approach and methodology. An overall ESG data scope is calculated to balance news controversies score that materially impact big and small companies. These underlying aspects are examined determined to the authenticity and materiality of the controversies.

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ESG Integrated Tools

All-in-one tool with ESG data makes ESG journey seamless and cost effective. ESG Enterprise is one of the integrated solution providers designed for best user ESG experiences.


ESG Data Analytics

Create ESG Big Data analytics with extensive ESG data and insights. Data analytics helps identify previously unknown trends and opportunities hidden between complex data points.


ESG Reporting & Disclosures

Fully automated ESG Reporting with built-in frameworks like GRI, SDG, ISSB, TCFD, CSRD, SFDR and more. The tools provide step-by-step guidance to help data collections seamlessly and generated PDF report with full KPI details and scoring.


GHG Scopes 1, 2, 3

Provides baseline carbon foot printing and effective sustainability and carbon reduction strategy to enhance brands and reduce waste. Use advanced carbon management tool to capture GHG emissions from emitting assets with automatic GHG calculations.


Climate Risks Modeling

Assess to project-based scenario analysis tools and various models to identify business impacts and potential risks across entire organization’s assets and activities.


World-Class Services

Our world-class certified professionals helped organizations, investors, and governments capture opportunities, transform to low-carbon operations, manage climate risks, and drive growth in an orderly transition to a sustainable economy.

Our Latest Works

Companies trust our ESG reporting experts and consulting partners in addressing ESG challenges and pathway to carbon neutrality.


Carbon Management & Climate Risks


ESG Disclosure Guidance for Major Exchanges


Simply ESG Process for SME Companies


ESG Risk Assessments


GHG Scope 1, 2, 3


Net Zero Emissions


ESG Data Integration for Impact Investing


Carbon Neutrality with Energy Companies


ESG Reporting with Tech Companies


ESG Enterprise ESG Ratings & Investing Solutions

ESG Enterprise works with leading institutions to capture ESG risks and data through partnerships that tackle ESG problems. We bring the best of our technologies and ESG expertise to identify innovative solutions.

Many enterprises look for high-quality sustainability reporting software. We believe, that a corporate ESG solution should go beyond reporting capability and provide advanced scenario analysis solution to carbon neutrality capabilities.

We work to deliver an extraordinary impact for our clients and the planet through the lens of everchanging public policies and consumer behaviors.

Count on ESG Enterprise’s extensive experience in helping businesses, NGOs, governmental organizations across sectors to realize their sustainability goals.

ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance software and data analytics company designed to serve businesses of all sizes and kinds. We provide all-in-one ESG assessments and responsible impact investing solutions to address the needs of financial needs,  portfolio management,  ESG disclosures, risk analysis, climate scenarios, net-zero pathways, carbon neutrality solutions, and big data analytics in all sectors.


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10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

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