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ESG Enterprise is an ESG Software-as-a-Service SaaS platform, it offers a variety of solutions for businesses, including ESG ratings & risk management, GRI, IIRC, SFDR, TCFD disclosures, climate scenarios & risk analytics, GHG emission scopes, forward-looking scenario analysis, reputation impact management, plus much more.

01. Helps businesses Start ESG

02. Step-By-Step ESG Disclosure Tools

03. Manage ESG & Climate Risks

ESG Software & Solutions

Adopting ESG & managing ESG reporting & risk has never been easier

SaaS platform with incredible flexibility to manage ESG with access to thousands of companies’ ratings & risk reports, tools for greenhouse gas emissions calculations, generate GRI, SDG, SFDR, TCFD disclosures, and climate risk analytics. 

Adopting ESG into your business practices has never been easier with the ESG Enterprise SaaS platform. The platform starts with easy-to-use features for ESG beginners and spans to include powerful climate risk analytics for the complex ESG business needs.

Whether you are an amateur or professional, our platform offers compelling values and benefits in the ESG software category.

One of the popular solutions driven by our large institution partners is climate scenario planning and analytics. The platform provides standard as well as customized realistic plausible forward-looking analysis from Paris Climate Agreement to “business as usual” scenarios that produce short to long-term impact assessments and market risk metrics.

With climate risk reports and analytics, your organization gains transparency to extreme weather and climate-related risks to implement carbon mitigation and management policies to optimize assets operations and capital investments.

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Beginners: ESG with wizard-driven tools every steps of the way

From defining strategies, GHG scoping, data collections to automated disclosures

Professional: From powerful Climate Risks to Automated ESG Reporting

Advanced forward-looking scenario analysis tools for most sophisticated requirements.

ESG Data

View your organization’s ESG profiles and compare with thousands of other companies and competitors

Data Collection

Provides simple and yet powerful data collection capability with our prebuilt 2000 questionnaire across all 90 industries.

Multitude of Tools

Access to many powerful ESG tools and databases – all in single platform

API & Integration

Connect your website or system to our data using API to integrate ESG data reporting

ESG Disclosures

Offers step-by-step ESG disclosure assistance, create questionnaire, automate data collections and report generator.

GHG Scope 1, 2, 3

Offers GHG Protocol and many industry carbon calculations to save time and resources.


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We are innovators with deep industry and ESG subject matter expertise with a passion for solving our clients’ complex ESG challenges across their organization.

ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance software and data analytics company designed to serve businesses of all sizes and kinds. We provide all-in-one ESG reporting software to address the needs of TCFD disclosures, risk analysis, climate scenarios, net-zero pathways, carbon neutrality solutions, and big data analytics in all sectors.


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10X Faster ESG Data Collections & Reporting

Automatic ESG reporting by 10+ global frameworks including GRI, SASB, TCFD, SDG, IIRC, EU SFDR, EU NFRD, ADX and HKEX.

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